The National Institutes of Health MARC U-STAR Training Program at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) is a comprehensive educational program for third- and fourth-year undergraduate students which includes:

  • Innovative curriculum developments integrated into the program of study across STEM disciplines,
  • Opportunities to participate in research in a variety of contexts, including prestigious research universities,
  • Structured mentoring and advising, and
  • Financial support

MARC U-STAR is intrinsically interdisciplinary, and includes faculty and departments across the STEM disciplines at NEIU.


Dr. Church wins Bernard J. Brommel Distinguished Research Professor Award

Dr. Church has received the 2019 Bernard J. Brommel Distinguished Research Professor Award award during graduation. Dr. Bernard J. Brommel, Professor Emeritus, Communication, Media and Theatre, established this award to be given annually to the tenured/tenure-track faculty who best demonstrate excellence in research and scholarship.  This is the 13th year that this award has been … [more...]

MARC U-STAR Thesis Defenses

Josué Franco and André Herrera successfully defended their research theses on Tuesday, April 23, 2019. Both Josué and André worked under the supervision of Dr. Shannon Saszik, Associate Professor in the Psychology Department. Josué presented his research on “Post traumatic brain injury effects on mobility, social anxiety, and olfaction in the zebrafish model,” while André presented his research “Ganglion … [more...]