MARC scholars present at the 10th Annual SCSE Research Symposium

MARC scholars did a great job presenting their summer research at the 10th Annual Student Center for Science Engagement (SCSE) Research Symposium on Fri, Sep 21, 2018, an event co-sponsored by the MARC Program for the third year in a row. In addition, new MARC scholars were formally inducted during the Awards Ceremony. They are Natalie Hernandez, Amy Sticha, Moraima Noda, and Sergio Escobar.

Also, MARC proudly sponsored the visit of the keynote speaker, Dr. Laura Sanchez, Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy at University of Illinois at Chicago.  Dr. Sanchez’ research and career path seminar was titled “Visualizing microbial chemistry in situ“. In addition to delivering a great talk, Dr. Sanchez also attended students’ podium and poster presentations.

Below are some pictures from the event.

The MARC team pictured with MARC-invited keynote speaker, Dr. Laura Sanchez (from left to right: Dr. Joseph Hibdon, Dr. Emina Stojkovic, Natalie Hernandez, Josue Franco, Moraima Noda, Juliet Salivo, Amy Sticha, Andre Herrera, Dr. Laura Sanchez, Dr. Breckie Church, and Sergio Escobar).

Natalie presenting the research she conducted over the summer at Penn State University.

Josue’s podium presentation was focused on research he conducted at Michigan State University over the summer.

Andre presented on his summer research project at Michigan State University.