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Computer Science Internship Program

The Internship Program provides a unique opportunity for NEIU students. It is open to students who are enrolled in either the undergraduate or graduate programs. They can be full time or part time. You can secure the internship yourself or apply for one provided by the department. While most internship start at the beginning of the semester, we can start internship anytime with enrollment during the next registration period. Most internships earn three credit hours (CS-390). Sometimes full time internships can earn six credit hours in a semester (CS-391). When you sign up for credit, you need to register, pay your fees, and receive a grade. Internships can be paid or unpaid. If you are a foreign student, an internship will allow you to work in your field with F2 status.

Why should I do an internship?

What will be required of you?

How do you get an internship?

CS Internship Announcement Page

Make sure that you are listed on one of the ListServ to receive emails about internships.

Criteria to Earn Credit Hours

Credit hours are awarded for what you learn. To get three credit hours, you should learn as much in your internship as you would in a course. To get three credit hours, you must work 200-300 hours in an internship. To insure that the credit hours would apply toward your required or elective courses, contact Susan Snyder at ext. 773-443-4722 or at email Usually you will need an appointment with her.

How to enroll

You can register before the beginning of a semester or within 10 days after the start of classes. Before registration, submit a copy of your offer letter and/or internship description to the Internship Coordinator for approval. If approved you will need to fill out the form for CS-390 or CS-391 Supervised Field Study at room LWH 3053. You will also need to complete the Internship Agreement Form. Meet with the Internship Coordinator with a copy of the documents and your offer letter. The CS-390 form needs approvals from the Internship Coordinator, the Department Chair, and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. You need to start using the Reporting Schedule which will be worked out between you and the Internship Coordinator.

Need some help or want feedback, contact the Internship Coordinator at

How your internship is monitored and graded:

Students complete a weekly status report and submit it by email to the Internship Coordinator

About every three weeks, we have a meeting for all interns to discuss their internship and what they are learning. Students should bring their three-ring binder to review with the Internship Coordinator. If there are any problems with the internship, discuss it with the Internship Coordinator.

The three-ring binder should contain: the Internship Agreement, the Reporting Schedule, the Weekly Report, your Learning Summary, and any work papers. If confidentiality is an issue, notify the Internship Coordinator. Toward the end of the internship, the Internship Coordinator will contact your supervisor and review your three-ring binder. At the completion of your internship, prepare your final Learning Summary documenting what you have learned during your internship.