Porps Online Communication Plan

Will you contact me on a regular basis?

YES! Each week you will find a pop-up box on the course home page with helpful hints as to “how to” approach the week’s learning objectives and work (deliverables). In addition, upon rare occasions when I add course content that will benefit your understanding of the material or I want to share a campus event that may benefit your university experience, I will post a notification in the course Google Chat Room. Please make sure to subscribe to the Chat notifications so you will see these announcements as they are posted.

When will you be online?

I am available during my posted office hours for online help as well as in-person. Please be patient for an online response as I may be working with a student in-person.

What do I do if I have a question about the course?

If you have a question about the course, you have a few options to choose from depending on your question.

 - If it is of a personal nature (e.g. grade on an assignment) please send me an email, or if you want a more thorough explanation, please drop in to office hours for a private one on one meeting. - If it is a due date or clarification on an assignment, please check the course home page or Google Chat Room (first) to see if you can find the answer there. If not, please email me or post your question to the Google Chat Room. I monitor/check both places daily. The advantage to posting to the Chat Room is that a classmate may be able to answer your question in the off hours that I am not online. I will always check the posts when I am online and correct them if need be.

What should I do if I’m having problems with my computer/the internet/D2L?

INTERNET: At the soonest time that you can re-access the Internet, please contact me (email or office hours) and we will discuss an alternative plan for anything that you may have missed due to connectivity issues.

D2L issues: Please send me an email, post in the Google Chat (as a classmate may have a solution for you), or stop by during office hours if they are near or around the time you are having the issue.

Personal computer issues: Please visit the campus and use one of the lab computers and let me know, via email or office hours, as I can see if I can find a computer for you to borrow.

How long will it take for you to respond to an email from me?

I respond to emails marked with (?) in the subject line within 24 hours on weekdays. Please note: if you send an email late on Friday, you may not get a response until Monday morning. (As mentioned earlier - I will sometimes check my email on the weekend, but, please do not count on that happening regularly.)
Here is the format for the subject line of an email: (course number and section) > ? > Question

Here is an example of the subject line for questions: CS200-1 > ? > What inputs should be used for the "pizza" lab?

How do office hours work online?

My office hours are posted on my home page.

When will I receive feedback on my work?

In general, you will receive individual feedback (and score) within 7 days of the due date for quizzes and labs. For almost all of the activities, I will share the solution immediately following the due date, so that you can self-assess your work.

What are you looking for in discussion posts?

If the course you are registered for notes discussion board participation as part of the course grade assessment, then the course will have specific discussion posts and there will be a grading rubric posted with it so that you can see the expectations for that particular post. The specifications will vary based on the post prompt (the question you are to respond to).

What happens if someone posts something offensive in our course?

The discussion board is part of the online classroom. By enrolling in this course, you are bound by the NEIU Student Code of Conduct:


Specifically: https://www.neiu.edu/sites/neiu.edu/files/documents/2020/08/20/2020-2021%20Student%20Handbook.pdf (see page 44)