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General Info

Note to all students:

You are responsible for all the materials, readings, and assignments posted to your class web page/site.

If you have a question, please read the syllabus first, as you may find the answer there.

It is your responsibility to keep track of your current course grade. Use the handy worksheet in your syllabus to record your points.

Note to CS 300 Students:

It is your responsibility to sign up for the RSS feed for CS 300. You can find the link to it on the CS 300 home page.

Note to CS 100, CS 109, CS 200, CS 201 and CS 300 Students:

Lecture notes/worksheets that are needed for class are posted by date that they will be used in class. It is your responsibility to check for notes/worksheets - print the worksheet, then complete portions required from assigned reading prior to the start of class, not during class time. It is also a good idea to place an electronic copy of the files on your USB drive.

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Students sign up for the listserv (See:

Computer Science Tutors

Tutors for Computer Science can be found off the Atrium in the CS Department Computer Lab (3rd floor LWH).
If unable to locate the lab or tutors, please contact the Computer Science office for assistance in LWH 3053 or LWH 3057 or phone 773-442-4720 or 773-442-4722

Tutors for Discrete Math can be found in the Learning Success Center(4rd floor library).
If unable to locate the lab or tutors, please contact the Learning Success Center (LSC) Math Lab for assistance on the 4th floor of the library or phone (773) 442-4568

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