Meet the Team

Our team comprises of a partnership between academic researchers from Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) in the United States, and Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe University of Education (PHKA) in Germany. To find out more about our partnership, please go to our About page. Below you can gain insight into the people who helped make this project possible.

Academic Advisors



Manar is a Computer science professor at Northeastern Illinois University. While not teaching, Manar leads several research projects and publications. Research topics cover a wide range, but notably relate to system security, wireless communications, and network analysis.



Bernhard is a junior professor for computer science at the Karlsruhe University of Education. He is also a research and university assistant at the Technical University of Vienna. Bernhard’s research focuses on the modeling of teaching concepts as design patterns in the context of computational thinking.

Design Team



Experience includes front and back-end software development such as Java, JavaScript, MongoDB, and MySQL. Currently, John is working in the accounting field for a brokerage and logistics company with plans on migrating over to cybersecurity.



Before her studies, Sabine completed her education as a medical technical laboratory assistant with a state examination. Currently, she is studying mathematics and computer science in the bachelor’s program for secondary education at PHKA. At the university Sabine also works as a tutor in the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science.



Previous work experience includes internships at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility and Johnson Space Center. Joe became interested in cybersecurity while in college and sees this website as a way to garner interest in others.

Research Team



Noah is currently studying mathematics and computer science in the bachelor's program for secondary education at PHKA. Besides his studies, Noah works at PHKA as a tutor in the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science.



Andrew is a fourth-year student at Northeastern Illinois University. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with a concentration in information technology and cybersecurity. He is hoping to start a technology career in his hometown of Chicago.



Raihan is a graduating senior at Northeastern Illinois University pursuing his B.S. in computer science. Notably, he has interned with Apple and Comcast. He is also a Mickey Leland research fellow under the U.S. Department of Energy and Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. Currently, Raihan is an NLP engineer at Comcast Laboratories.